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Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas

Photos by Bob Laster

Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas, is down the road from Seypell and around the corner from Bruins.  It's out in the country, delta land, with lots of good people.  It's a place to work, a place to play, a place to fish, a place to worship, a place to visit friends, and a place to relax.  

Horseshoe is a place on the map and a place in the heart and mind.  It's a place to find peace and beauty.  Horseshoe is small in size, but big in heart.  It's easy to hurry through, but if you slow down, you can find many reasons to stay. 

This book show some of Horseshoe from present and past.  So sit back, prop up your feet, and take a look.  Maybe you will want to come over and stay a while.  

Welcome to Horseshoe Lake

Welcome to Horseshoe Lake